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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in LJ Christians Unite's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
6:23 pm
1. Name: Erik malcolm stevens.... hates middle name lol..
2. Age: 18
3. Location: fairmont W.V
4. What denomination of Christianity are you? C of C baby (church of christ)
5. At least 5 favorite bands: casting crowns, relient k, bebo norman,metallica
6. At least 5 favorite songs: who am i, faith, hammer holds, grace like rain, master of puppets,
7. At least 3 favorite movies: glory road, longest yard, passion of christ, walk the line
8. Favorite food: sushi, rice, ketchup, mexican
9. Favorite Bible Verse: heb 1: 1,1 tim 4:12
10. Favorite thing to do/hobby: chill with my friends, youth group, church, football, lacrosse, write devos
11. AIM/AOL/MSN/Yahoo screenname. aol erik5287 AIM erik52887... either one is good but i am always on aol so yea
12. Post a picture of yourself. get one to ya lata
6:15 pm
TODAY'S READING: Romans 5:1-5
When I read this passage, I am amazed by God's love.
I amazed that a God that was, is, and always will be perfect was the One who took the first step. He didn't have to. We are the ones who sinned against Him. We are the ones who turned our back on our Creator. We deserve none of this.
But here we read of our God. The God that not only loved us in word, but in action. The God that was willing to put on flesh and become like one of us. The God that was willing to suffer pain and agony to bring us sinful, rebellious people peace with Him.
Is that crazy? YES!
So when we suffer is it difficult? Or course. But is it any more difficult than being the Creator of the universe and watching your creation murder your Son that you sent in love?
That is a fundamental reason why suffering builds faith. It makes us more like God and can cause us to see things more from His perspective.
And in the last verse of this passage, we see God doing something even more crazy. It was wild enough that God was willing to take the risk to become flesh and live among us. Imagine how uncomfortable it was for Jesus to walk in a sinful world among sinful people.
Now comes an even bigger step for God. He is willing to enter your body and mine when we become Christians. That's right, God Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit lives in a sinful body.
At least with Jesus, God could keep Himself pure. Now God is taking the risk of living in a body that does sin. God is willing to endure the pain He experiences every time we disobey. It is both encouraging and scary.
When you lied, the Holy Spirit had to be a part of it.
When you cheated, the Holy Spirit was there to go through it.
When you gossiped, the Holy Spirit had to listen.
When you lusted, the Holy Spirit was pained.
But the true purpose of the Holy Spirit is much more. God wants to fill us with His love. And so as we face problems and trials God knows that we are not alone. He has given us the Holy Spirit to live in us so we can have a Helper along the way.
Man, I love my God!
He created me.
He came to earth for me.
He climbed into my body so I could be filled with His love.
That makes we want to jump and shout no matter how bad life gets!
The next time life seems to get you down, remember that Christians have God living in them to help them. Sure, it isn't always easy, but when we learn to trust in God both now and for eternity, we will always find every experience bringing us a little closer to Him.
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
5:55 pm
MOD// New community...
Hey everyone, this community is in kind of a construction state. I hope to be finished soon with it and possibly have some nice banners for promoting. If any of you feel so led to do either a banner or a layout for the site, I'd be very appreciative, I don't have a clue how to do that. I'm also adding a Moderator, he already knows who he is, but for future reference, for every 50 members I will add a new moderator. If we get to 100 members, we'll have four moderators and etc. It seems reasonable. So please follow the rules and instructions for being added on the info page, and I'd love to add you if you just follow the instructions. I'd love to start posting whenever. Do know that in the rules I ask that the posts be available for only those of us in the community to read. Make posts friends only in the community. That being said, happy posting!

Lotz of luv,
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